What Are the Best Things to Do With an Escort Service?

When booking with an escort, be frank about what you want. They’ll be more than happy to meet your expectations as long as they know what they’re in for.

Never insult your provider or make comments about their appearance. These are not appropriate and can cause her to become unenthusiastic about her job.

1. Have dinner at a fine-dining restaurant

In addition to sex, many men who hire high-class escorts book dinner as part of the experience. Marike Van der Velden, the founder of Society Service, the number one escort agency in the Netherlands, tells MUNCHIES NL that dinner is the perfect time to get to know the girl before they head into the bedroom. And it’s a big deal—dinner has an entire set of rules all its own.

It’s important for a high-class escort to look her best at all times, including during dinner. She won’t drink too much so that she can maintain her figure, and she won’t eat anything with garlic or onion, which can be a turnoff to her clients.

If she sees someone she knows at the restaurant, she’ll be discreet and won’t say anything. She might even make up an excuse, such as saying she’s lactose intolerant and needs to avoid cheese or ice cream. It’s also polite to tip your escort, just like you would any other service representative. A 15% gratuity is standard.

2. Visit attraction sites

An escort is a professional companion who offers her time to clients in exchange for payment. Unlike regular dates, escorts are independent contractors who offer their services for money. They provide an intimate experience for their clients. Men have all sorts of sexual fantasies and escorts are happy to indulge in them. They also offer massage and cross-dressing services.

Clients can use a service such as Adult Friend Finder to find an escort who suits them. The site uses advanced filters to narrow the field of candidates. It has chat rooms, live video, and direct messaging. Its profiles are incredibly detailed and help clients find escorts who share their fetishes, kinks, and lifestyles.

Once you’ve found an escort you like, be sure to communicate clearly with her. This way, she knows what to expect and will be able to plan her time accordingly. You should also verify that she’s who she claims to be by doing a reverse image search. If you notice any suspicious behavior, don’t hesitate to contact the escort agency immediately.

3. Have a drink

Once the meet-and-greet is over (or your escort arrives at your place), it’s polite to give them payment as soon as possible. They will appreciate this and it’s a sign of respect. Many escorts will accept cash, an envelope of money or even a credit card. Be sure to include a 15%-25% tip. Just like with any other service representative, tipping is customary and always appreciated.

A nip of alcohol is acceptable before a session, but don’t be tempted to have too much. Being under the influence of alcohol will affect your judgement and social skills and can ruin your ability to get an erection.

Almost all escorts dislike clients who use cocaine. Not only is it an illegal drug but it can be damaging to your libido. In addition, it’s not very romantic for your escort to see you running back and forth to the bathroom for another hit. You will also be unable to sustain an erection during sex and you may find that your partner won’t be able to reach orgasm.

4. Have a massage

When having a massage with an escort, it’s important to make sure they know exactly what you want. This is a service you’re paying for, so it’s okay to be frank about what you’re looking for. This will prevent you from getting ripped off or being disappointed in the end.

It’s also good to tip your escort, especially if you had a great time with her. It’s the same as with any other service provider, so don’t forget to give her a nice amount. It will show her that you appreciate her hard work and help her keep up her standards in the future.

It’s also important to remember that a relationship with an escort is not romantic. It’s a business and she needs to be careful not to fall in love with her clients. Otherwise, she might be tempted to break her contract. If she breaks the contract by engaging in intercourse or touching specific parts of the body (like butts, boobs, and dongs), it counts as prostitution. So, be very clear with your expectations and respect her personal life.

5. Have sex

Once sex is on the agenda, it’s important that people treat their escorts with respect. They’re real people, and if they’re treated well, they’ll return the favor by treating their clients with equal respect. They should be open to whatever their clients want to do, and they should make sure that they are comfortable at all times.

When it comes to sex, some escorts may be more interested in getting intimate than others. Taking some time to talk and get to know each other first can help them feel more comfortable before they get started. It’s also important to remember that sex shouldn’t be rushed.

In addition to sex, many escorts offer services like massages and even “Girlfriend Experience” sessions. This involves pretending to be a girlfriend for a man. It can last from a couple of minutes to half an hour, and it’s important that the escort is comfortable with this before she starts. The client should always leave 10-15 minutes at the end of the session to give her some time to shower and pack up.